Finally Back

I've been working at Home Depot since the beginning of the semester. Realizing I don't want to give up photojournalism for picking up heavy things, I started working back at the Lumberjack. Here's a few of my first assignments.

Maria Lopez, plays Baba, a seance leader that tricks others into believing that they are communicating with dead loved ones, until she begins to hear voices herself, in Menotti's "The Medium."

Erin Starr writes to friends and relatives, asking for donations during the Up 'Til Dawn Fundraiser for Saint Jude's Children Research Hospital. Starr was in charge of the program last year which raised over $30,000, the goal for this year is $50,000.

KJACK's 1,680 minutes with the Beats:
The Beats, (KJACK dj's Kino Boi and Rockwell) along with dj Ziegler stayed up for 1,680 minutes (28 hours) from Friday morning to Saturday, broadcasting live bands to raise food for the Flagstaff Family Food Center.

Chris Otis, reacts after winning a dance contest and recieving 2 tickets to see Godsmack.

On drums for the band Circadian Rythm "Whiskey Jack" NAU graduate Christopher Calvo looks at Scott Goosley, on guitar and vocals.

Singer and guitarist, Jeremy Brougher, plays for the band F-HOLES, one of 11 at the event.

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