Ride Along

I spent last night riding around east flagstaff in a patrol car with officer John Crysler. Everyone should do a police "ride along" at least once. Many people see police as the bad guy, and I'm sure some of them are, but it's an interesting experience.

Officer John Crysler radio's dispatch during his shift from 5pm-3am on Sunday night. There have been 18 vehicle pursuits in Flagstaff this year, one of which Crysler was involved.

Officer John Crysler takes Elisha Kerley to his potrol car. Kerley was accused of shoplifting and threatening to kill Safeway employee Toby Morgan (left) while he attempted to stop Kerley's accomplice who fled the scene. After officers discovered a felony warrant for probation violation and a bag of marijuana Kerley shoved into a crack in the patrol car, officers say, "he wil most likely be going back to jail."

Elisha Kerley fills out forms in the Flagstaff Jail after being arrested for shoplifting and fighting in a Safeway parking lot.

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