Mens Shelter Retro Clock

Jacob Witmer of Harrisburg, left, talks with a guest utilizing Bethesda Rescue Mission's new nightly shelter program, Monday. Homeless men are allowed to check in between 8:30 and 9:15 and it's lights out around 10. The 25 beds are first come, first served.

Of the 22 guys checking in tonight, one allowed me to photograph him. Though it was frustrating to have almost everyone turn me down, however, it just meant I would have to get creative, careful to not show faces. If I were in their position, I'm not sure I would want some dude with a bandanna on his head to put a camera in my face, so I try to be understanding. For this shoot I found myself torn between getting a good photograph and not offending the very people who's story I'm trying to tell. Sometimes it's a fine line.

Adam Hart of Harrisburg, browses the classified ads as he waits for a bed.

Thanks Adam.

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