My Final Frame For The Patriot-News

This is my last push of the button for The Patriot-News. A good story to document further, but I don't have much time left in Pennsylvania.

Amber Albert 11, supports her younger brother's head. She is going into the sixth grade this year. Her younger brother Braden, turning 5 July 21, will be staying home. He was diagnosed with MeCP2 duplication syndrome in 2007, a rare genetic condition which causes severe mental retardation along with a number of other complications, including daily seizures. Braden's parents, Scot and Pam await a phone call from Texas where a new medicine is being tested on rats...but it could take years to be approved for humans. It gives Amber hope that, one day, her brother will be able to chase her around the house, and she will be able to pick on him. Monday, July 13, 2009.

Pam Albert gives her son a kiss on the cheek. She says it's impossible to know how Braden perceives the world around him so she treats him like he understands everything that is going on.

Amber's reaction after admitting that she wishes she could pick on her younger brother.

I like the crop and lighting on this shot. Their relationship was very interesting, wish I could have stayed longer.

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Mark Zanger said...

Relationship photos are everything where you have a subject with developmental disability. You got a lot here. That you can't answer all your own questions is intrinsic to the situation. Amber will find a way to pick on her brother that doesn't take advantage of his disability. On some level she already knows that she may have to take over his care some day. And on another level, she doesn't, and the parents believe that the new treatment will make a huge difference (which it won't) and also that it will only make a small difference, which will be very important, and might happen. This family's world is very different than most, despite familiar scenery. The relationships, which you get so well in visual form, are what translates for others, so what you have done in this series can be better than a whole book.