Seriously September

A massive update with my best work from September on the Correcaminos Pistachio Farm in Chaparral, New Mexico. I was there from the 18th to the 24th with a brief stop beforehand in Roswell to do some Architectural photography for ASA Architects.

Sept 25
Shorty keeping watch over my doorstep the morning of my departure.

Sept 24
Rancher Bob Melvin, he looks better in black and white.

Sept 23
Gabby and Pablo "Getting it done right" at Lowes.

Crows like to eat the pistachios, giving a view of the pistachio on the tree before it is de-fleshed, dried, salted and packaged. They are delicious fresh. It was hard to walk through the orchards without eating 40 or 50 pistachios one at a time.

Sept 22
Chips and Peewee, The two most spoiled dogs I have ever seen. They eat nothing but table scraps, chase smaller animals all day, and are nothing but adored for it. If only people had it so good...

Gabby's lasso whips around Bob's legs nearly throwing him to the ground as Peewee "helps." Bob jumped over the rope just in time.

Sept 21
Gabby brushing his horse before a ride.

Riding through a rain puddle. The farm is located near the bottom of an ancient lake, making it a prime gathering place for water.

Sept 20
Peewee and Shorty out chasing rabbits. Bob out chasing apache tears, small pieces of obsidian blasted into the desert from a volcano about 50 miles away.

My first picture of a bat! They stopped in the neighbors barn on their journey to Mexico to breed. I'm guessing they are Mexican Free-tailed bats because that is the most common bat in North America.

Sept 19
Normally the rainy season in southern New Mexico ends at the beginning of September, however the 19th was exceptionally gray and wet. These pigeons gathered on top of the water tower when it started to rain. I suppose they are like me and don't mind getting drenched, as long as it's not cold out.

Normal is boring.
If this tree could talk I bet he would say, "Just doin' my thang."

Sept 18
Bob Woody loves raptors. Stop right there, not velociraptors. Hawks, falcons, eagles and the like. We tried to identify this one hanging out near the farm and we think it is a young Peregrine Falcon. It is likely that this fearless little bird has had little human contact as it let us get very close. He seemed just as curious about us.

North of El Paso you can find El Calle A Cielo, The Road To Heaven. A shrine built after a Chaparral man lost his son. Though it is topped by a life-size crucifix, a sign leading to the monument welcomes all faiths. The small room beneath contains a notebook filled with the prayers of visitors. The shrine is unguarded and remains free of vandalism.

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