36/365 My First Restaurant in Korea

36/365: This is the first restaurant I ate at in South Korea by myself. My first Saturday after getting here was blurred with a soju(traditional korean liquor) hangover. It's not very strong stuff at around 20% but the aftermath it inflicts is intense. I wandered in to this restaurant, hoping there would be pictures on the menu so I could just point, but there were none. I couldn't read the menu at all. After staring at the strange characters for about 10 minutes, like I was going to miraculously understand Korean, the owners came over and started asking me questions. I had no idea what they were saying so I just smiled and mimed eating for them and they got the idea. I was hungry and didn't care what they gave me. What they brought out was likely the worst soup I've ever had. It had intestines, and some sort of purple sausage stuffed with stringy things. I ate everything to the last drop while smiling and thanking them. I haven't been back yet... I'm sure this dog thinks their food is amazing.

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