Sunset Crater and The Peaks

I shot these pictures for the Apple Insomnia photo contest. At 2pm on Friday we were told to shoot a photo that best represents the word “GROWTH” and had till Saturday at 2pm to turn it in. According to the rules I can't show the picture I submitted, here are my outtakes.


Thao said...

Aww you know Erika! I love her! :) I'll be in San Antonio for an internship, but since my heart is still in Austin, I will def be there a lot!

I can see when the DOP might have time to sit down and have a chat with you if you want, and you can meet all of the photogs there too!

I arrive in San Antonio mid June, when I figure out my days off we can head to the Statesman!

Thao said...

hey catch me on aim, photodork53, I'm on there alot, its the easiest way to get a hold of me. I have weds and thurs off, and when I'm in Austin its sporadically planned, so we should talk on AIM and plan something. Are you going to the women in photojournalism conference for NPPA? I'll be there on Sat night. (its aug 17 or something like that)

Thao said...

also are you going to the Women in Photojournalism? thats going to be held in austin on the weekend of aug 17? I'll be there on sunday, that will probably be the best time because I think the DOP and some photogs will be at the event.