Oot and Aboot

One thing I'm learning as a photographer is simply to GO. Over the past few days I've just picked up and walked the streets of Flagstaff looking for images. It started as a project on the alleys but I've taken a few images not related to the story that presented themselves simply because I was there. Here is one of my favorites, it's the Visitor Center but different from any picture I've seen of it.

Last night I agreed to go to a concert, called 888 Fest (it's on August 8, 2008) in the middle of the nowhere. Out intrepid guide, my roommate Chris, got us lost at least 3 times, though it was no fault of his own. The road signs were unreadable, and when we finally got to the correct dirt road, we had to decode cryptic signs...one of them said smurf, bananna, 888...guiding us to the show. Thruought this ordeal I considered going home, yet a feeling of almost being there kept me going. What's the point of all this? Because I didn't give up the Daily Sun is now running a 3 photo package on the second page of this otherwise uncovered event. Yay me.


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this is soooooooo neato! lol neato hahhaha funny word... wow your like a spider! beautiful and feared and creative lol ps... guess who?

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