Steamboat Rock

My friend Adam came up to Flag to hang out for the weekend. This is the tale of our hike: The days started like any other, with a disc golf game planned Adam and I headed through campus. To our dismay the NAU course was in disarray, a construction site cut throught the play and without further delay we decryed Sedona as our foray. Ignoring dark clouds, this dynamic duo set out on a perilous journey through the Sedona highlands. We began our trek from the daunting Midgely Bridge-ly towards a formidable Steamboat Rock. Zigzagging our way up the trail through the stream bed, and past the bow of Steamboat we discussed what a flash flood would sound like. We never got to find out before we began our skyward ascent. Rain began to patter the red rocks at our feet so I unsheathed my camera before I would have to keep it stored safely in a Safeway bag in my backpack. I looked up to see Adam standing at the edge of a glorious valley. As I brought the camera to my eye lighning struck the far ridge. I squeezed the shutter... He turned with an excited look, "Tell me you got that." You bet I did.

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