The Coconino County Fair was here last weekend at Fort Tuthill campground I went to cover the fair being set up. I was hoping for some hillbilly Carney types to be setting up rides. The idea of getting a gritty closeup portrait of a Carney with missing teeth and smoke stained hair made me excited about covering the setup. Instead I found a group of friendly mexican guys doing most of the setup and cleaning. Different from what I expected, but it wasn't a letdown. I got to practice what little Spanish I know. Hola, me llamo es Dana. Tomo photos por el periodico Arizona Daily Sun. Como te llama? I hope that made sense...

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Jenn Ireland said...

The fair! I seriously love that monkey shot, it made me laugh. Glad to see your updating, I actually just put up a bunch of stuff of my blog today. Im gunna try to update way more, partially cuz I have nothing to do, and partially because that way people can see the stuff I'm doing.

And I love the fair. They have one coming here in October and I think Im gunna do a environmental portrait series on the people that work there, and that attend. I have the same thoughts in my head about the carnies as you do, I hope they have some good gnarly people here in alabama!