Finding religion behind bars

Howdy Y'all,

I recently started a new job at Pesto Brothers bussing tables at night. Hopefully it's just a temporaty position until I get one of the internships I've applied to on the nppa job board and journalismjobs.com. Since I've started working my blog hasn't been updated much, so I'll make a quick post before I head out to an assignment in a few minutes.

I shot a hogan dedication ceremony at the Coconino County Detention Center last week. A hogan is a religious navajo building with 8 sides, acting as the center of all life and learning. A modest crowd showed up including Medicine Man Norris Nez who blessed the shrine. It was a nice structure however it's location - dead center of a barbwire-topped, fenced-in courtyard - made it seem somehow sterile and devoid of any spirituality. I tried to capture this empty feeling by standing back and showing the walls of the jail looming over the hogan. I waited for a person to walk out of the hogan, and without realizing it I caught Norris Nez. Strangely enough my assignment today is also at the jail, my second shoot since starting at the Daily Sun.

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