Nov 30, 2009
Ducks heading south just in time, snow began falling a few hours later.

My November trip to the Correcaminos pistachio farm was put off to the very last minute. I had the opportunity to earn some money shooting football games for the Arizona Republic, which would cut into my time on the farm. Unfortunately I'm not at the point where I can afford to turn down assignments so I took it.
Arriving the night of the 29th, I only had the last day of the month to get pictures so I tried twice as hard that day to find images. These rose to the top:

Pablo digging a grave for a goat. The guys on the farm treat the animals they raise with respect. They named all 100 of their sheep. The night before was very cold, Pablo found her in the morning. They suspect she died while giving birth, not from the weather.

Apache's coat damp with rain as temperatures dip in the afternoon. I'm learning horses are very hardy animals.

Rain turns to snow as December rounds the corner.

Chips takes shelter from the rain on the guest house patio with frozen fruit all around.

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