Dec 1, 2009
Snow! On the first day of the month I was greeted by a blanket of snow rarely seen in Chaparral, NM. This December update has snow, hawks, dogs, hard-workers, and even some cute chickens.

The pine tree's lining the road have always looked out of place to me, considering the farm is in the Chihuahuan Desert. With everything layered in snow they make a postcard fit.

December also marks the beginning of my pictures of Gandhi, a Red-tailed Hawk being trained by Bob. A licensed falconer, he encouraged me to read up on falcon training while he tried to trap a hawk. It's very interesting to see the bond develop between this wild animal and a person.

Water droplets sparkle on Gandhi's face.

Bob and Gabby hang up a Christmas ornament using the backhoe shovel as a ladder.

Gabby closing up shop at the end of the first day of December.

Dec 2, 2009
Thick frost clings to the veins of a leaf early in the morning.

Bob thinks that Sombra has the canine version of cerebral palsy, making her unstable on her feet. She won't let anybody touch her and the other dogs pick on her because she is different.

Sublimating frost layers the ground in a thin layer of condensation, shrouding a pistachio tree in white. This is my favorite picture of a pistachio tree yet!

Gandhi attempts to fly out of the housing almost constantly, damaging his flight feathers in the process.

Dec 3, 2009
I took the day off from the farm to go into town with a quick trip into the Franklin Mountains.
El Paso, Texas

Dec 4, 2009


Fascinated by all birds, Bob Woody stopped on the side of the road to pick up a dead owl he had never seen before, later identifying it as a barn owl.

Gandhi's eyes glaze over white when he blinks.

Bob training Gandhi to fly to his glove.

Bob inspects grass sprouting in one of his fields just after sunset.

Dec 5, 2009
Chips seems to intentionally lie down between Gandhi and Bob when they go out flying, letting the hawk glide inches above her head.

Bob retrieves Gandhi from the water tower after the bird refused to fly back down.

Pablo's grandson turns one year old in Anthony, Texas.

Dec 20, 2009
Gandhi stands next to falconry hoods, used to calm the birds during transport.

Bob Woody moves slowly to put a hood over Gandhi's head for the first time. If Bob were to abandon the first attempt at the protest of his bird it would become harder each time, as Gandhi would quickly learn that struggling will get Bob to stop.

Dec 21, 2009
Black bird in a pecan tree.

Horse lick.


Dec 22, 2009
Dog, Sheep lick. This is becoming a trend.

Bob holds his red-tailed hawk up for a portrait next to his painting of a camel-mounted falconer. Falconry in the middle east dates back as early as the 8th or 9th century and remains popular to the present day.

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