Jan 7, 2010

Standing in the end of loader, Gabby waits for Pablo to return for another load of dirt to build irrigation walls in another field.

My trip to the farm in January was brief. I spent the winter with my family in Austin, Texas. Everyone was home making it a great trip. I had knee surgery, to repair my ACL which has been torn since October 2008, scheduled for January 13, forcing my to cut short my January visit. Here's what I got for ya:

Pablo wears a medical mask while working to keep out the cold.

A white pigeon flies in fear as I enter the chicken coop.

On the days he works on the farm rather than the office, Bob likes to take his employees out to lunch.

Jan 8, 2010

Bob prepares the lure, a whole rabbit, to coax his red-tailed hawk Gandhi back to the ground.

Gandhi eyes me warily while eating a rabbit.

Toothpicks rest in the band of on of Gabby's many hats.

Jan 9, 2010

Gabby leads a horse back to the others after Bob and Gabby went on their traditional Saturday ride.

A Christmas tree, a present from Bob to Gabby, stays lit up in the window of Gabby's trailer after the holidays have passed.

Jan 10, 2010

The tightly woven structure of a tumble weed and its circular shape allow it to roll across the desert, spreading seeds as it roams.

Bob Woody with his dachshund Pinky. I lit this photograph from the side with a flashlight with the camera on a tripod.

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