Pistachio Harvest and Processing | Chaparral, NM

September, 5 2010

Taking Frida back to the other horses Bob tries to keep her excitement under control while the dogs do nothing to help the situation.

Chips attacks Sombra while Bob and Shorty attempt to break up the fight.

Ripe pistachios fly loose from the tree when it is shaken by the harvesting equipment.

Gabby shouts directions over the loud rumble of the harvesting machines' diesel engines.

Bob obtained a large number of crates for free in which to ship pistachios to the processing plant.

A hand reaches in to settle pistachio nuts that have just been harvested.

September, 6 2010

Gabby drives the collector harvesting machine, which catches the nuts and dumps them onto a conveyor belt which then leads to a temporary storage bin.

To make room for the lumberous harvesting equipment to drive between the rows of pistachio's a few trees had to be knocked over.

Gabby attempts to keep the leaves and branches from clogging in the harvester.

Bob separates branches that broke off when the tree was shaken from the ripe pistachios.

Gabby, Bob and Pablo shovel pistachios into three crates to take to the processing plant in Arizona.

Gabby rounds up the last of the nuts at the bottom of the bin.

The pink and yellow skins of the pistachio nuts create a colorful display.

September, 7 2010

Bob's pistachios are weighed and tested for quality at Fistiki Farms Pistachios in Cochise, Ariz.

Workers empty the pistachios into a conveyor belt to begin processing.

Bob helps tip over a crate.

Fresh pistachios are lifted into the machinery.

Skins, leaves and branches are separated from the pistachios.

Warm pistachios rumble down a conveyor belt after their first cooking.

Pistachios fall off the end of the belt.

A bright green machine lies dormant, waiting to use needles to separate opened pistachios from the closed ones.

Pistachios are dropped into a large cooker for their second and final heating.

A machine uses a light sensor and puffs of air to rapidly separate the good pistachios from dark, potentially rotten ones.

The dark pistachios are dropped into a crate below the machine for disposal.

Good pistachios now only have to be sorted by size.

Bob's competition, a semi truck filled with pistachios, dumps it's load to be processed.

Bob helps reload the three empty crates back onto his truck.

Crates of harvested pistachio's fill the warehouse of Fistiki Farms Pistachios. (formerly Triple A)

Crates waiting to be filled. Bob returned later in the week with another three crates.

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