Keep Austin Occupied | Austin, Texas

Lisa Cope

October 15, 2011
I recently published a series of portraits of protesters at the Occupy Austin protest. I like these pictures a lot. My hope was to reveal the humanity in an otherwise mass of people. A mass in which one cannot be distinguished from another. I returned to Occupy Austin on the 15th of October to take another series of portraits, this time including their signs.

One of the things that make the Occupy protests interesting is their diversity, so I wanted to include as many portraits as I could to avoid censorship. Some of the messages will resonate with you and others may not, but I didn't want to censor the people I encountered today. Today I want their message heard.

John Duffy

Zachary Rodriguez

Cameron Field

Jen Tougas

Jesse Little

Cameron Little

Patty Stephens with Pyper and Jazmyn

Karen Felthauser...Go mom!

Aisline Villedas

Mildred Villedas

Wendy Lemon

Emily Hersh

Ben Brenneman with one year old daughter Daphne

Ben Brenneman with one year old daughter Daphne

George Austin

Kim Adlard

Jill Hinckley

Tom Davis

Veteran Dennis Gonzalez
Fort Hood 2nd Army Division

John O'neill

Pat Cosgrove

At 11AM a march to Chase bank was organized where account owners would withdraw their money to deposit in a local credit union.

Alex Duncan shouts on stage while the march is arranged.

A protester with money-symbol waits for the protest march to begin, Saturday.

Protesters make their way to chase bank from Austin City Hall.

Protesters march to Chase bank.

Vidal Victor Cruts plays drums in front of Chase bank as activists inside withdraw their money.

A protester with a close your accounts sign encourages others to join.

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