Occupy | Austin, Texas

Bryce LaChance, "We are the 99%! So are you!"

October 10, 2011
On September 17th a group of people set up camp in the financial district of New York City protesting, among other things, the huge gap between the richest 1% of people and the other 99%. American media didn't pay much attention to the event, but the protesters didn't leave. Evidence of police brutality against the protesters spread on Youtube, eventually forcing the media to take note. On October 6th unified protests began in support of the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

These are portraits of the protesters in Austin, Texas. The caption under the pictures include their name and what their protest sign reads. I didn't include a picture of the signs in many of them because I want my viewers to see the humanity in these peoples' faces.

Morgan Johnson, "Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the US media. -Noam Chomsky"

Scott, "End the Fed."

Eric Jennings, "NWO, Not Working Out."

James Staton, "The purest form of currency is love for others."

Jonathon Vann, "I hate my job. I love my occupation."

Joshua Love, "Ocupa Austin Ahora."

Carlos León, "Banks got bailed out, we got sold out."

Eileen Dodds, "Corporate $ out of government."

Phoebe Bendana, "Corp. Tax Now!"

EJ Crawford

Bert Fox


Danny Odalen

Cassius Pieper, "Free Hugs."

Jenna Howard, "Join Us"

The Occupy Movement has begun. Will you join? Nationwide march October 15th in a city near you!

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Anonymous said...

You captured the spirit courageous citizens moving discontent with an economic deck stacked against most of us to in speaking up for all of us. thanks you, Patty